Tips For Hosting A Beach Wedding

beach wedding

Weddings are traditionally done inside in a cold room with a lot of people you’ve never seen before or didn’t care to see again. Let’s face it, seeing your family is the last thing you really want to do. We see them enough for the holidays and that’s it but when you’re at a wedding, you have to suck it up and just go with it since it’s not your day, it’s for someone else. Remember, you’re keeping your composure and niceness for someone else, not yourself.

Now, there are those traditional weddings but what about the beach weddings? If you’ve never considered one, you might want to. Let’s take a look at a place like the beach vs the traditional church setting.


  • Cold and damp
  • Depressing for most people to go to
  • A lot of people hate getting dressed up formally to go to them
  • Uncomfortable seating
  • Far too traditional


  • Fun and exciting
  • A more casual dress code can be used
  • Warm and slightly humid
  • Fun games can be done on the beach

The overall benefits of a beach wedding over the indoor weddings are overwhelming but how do you host them? If you’ve never even considered doing one, then you’ll probably know even less about hosting them.

The first tip you’ll need to deal with are the pests. Now, there’s ideally a couple of ways to deal with this but you’ll need to plan in advance. You might want to light some incense torches on the beach that scare away any large flying insects or mosquitos, especially if you have elderly or very young guests. Mosquitos can be deadly to them and it’s important that you make sure you cover your bases with them. The other thing you could do is provide some spray or rub to all of your guests and tell them to use it as their discretion or get eaten alive.

Then you have the uninvited guests that could potentially show up. I mean, this is a beach after all. I know you’ve probably seen the movie the wedding crasher and thought that could happen easily, right? Wrong. Do you know how hard it would be to actually slip into a room full of people that know each other and actually blend in without being noticed, especially the bride and planner who did all the planning. It’s more often than not, someone is going to notice that there’s an uninvited guest.

Then there’s the last and most concerning issue on the beach, Mother Nature. She can be violent at times and unforgiving. This is why the weather definitely needs to be looked at in advance and while it’s hard to plan the weather out months in advance, you can definitely pick a proper beach, one that isn’t prone to a lot of rainfall or hurricanes. If it does rain, make sure to provide some umbrellas or proper gear so your guests don’t get soaked.

How To Survive The Stress Of A Wedding

wedding stress

Ask any bride or anyone who has ever had to plan out a wedding. It’s probably one of the most stressful things you can ever go through in your life. When you plan out a wedding, you’re not just planning out some event, but you’re planning out someone’s big day. Someone’s going to want to remember this day for the rest of their life and for the good, not the bad.

So, when the time is there and you’re down to the wire, do you have everything ready, has everything been planned out well in advance and is anything going to go wrong? Relax, because it wouldn’t be a wedding if at least one thing didn’t go wrong. The photographer showed up drunk, the husband has cold feet, one of the bride’s maids is crying in the corner about how she’s going to be forever alone, etc.

As someone who has attended many weddings, I can assure you that while you see happy smiles and faces on the outside during the actual officiation, there’s an organizational nightmare and chaotic mess going on backstage, kind of like a cheap Hollywood romantic comedy movie. So how do you deal with and avoid all this stress?

First, just breathe. Take deep breathes and remember that this is the big day. There isn’t anything that’s going to ruin this big day for you and you’re not going to let anything get to you. Take that to heart and remember that this is YOUR big day, no one else’s. Also, remember that you have a coordinator and a wedding planner to help you out should anything go wrong. Involve them in the process and let them handle the stressful work.

There’s no reason to do the work you’re paying someone else to do, regardless of how much it’s stressing you out. Try doing some exercise, or whatever exercise you can manage to do in the dress you’re in. Try some light yoga or stretching while you wait. Try to clear your mind of all the anxiety and all the deep troubling thoughts you have in your head. The only tunnel vision you should have is getting to that alter and getting down that aisle with hundreds of smiling faces upon you.

What can you do before the wedding? Planning out a wedding can be just as stressful because everything has to be 100% perfect and right the first time or it will not work. Again, you have a wedding planner. You also have the person you’re getting married to. We understand it’s your big day, but get them involved. Don’t leave them out of the conversation just because you don’t think they’ll understand.

Get your friends involved and let them help you. Don’t try to tackle all of the important and hard parts of the wedding alone. That’s just asking for some self-induced stress. Remember, it’s your big day and nothing’s going to ruin that for you. Even crazy Uncle Bill who showed up drunk and objects to the kiss.

Should You Give Your Wedding Officiant A Gift?

wedding officiant gift

This is a touchy subject and an awkward one at that. A lot of people often wonder if giving their officiant a gift or some kind of tip is worth it or customary. Tipping in general whether it’s with gifts or money is an awkward subject for most people. Now, when it comes to the officiant of the wedding, he’s one of the most important people of the wedding and the least thought of person. Why is he so important? Without the officiant, you actually can’t be legally married. Check out for more information

Well, let’s say you can’t afford to get them a gift or any kind of money but there is another way you could show your gratitude for their services. Ask them if they’d like to join you in the rehearsal and the post-wedding ceremony celebration. They’ll be grateful that you invited them and openly thank them on the mic in front of everyone. This could create more business for them and give them more portfolio opportunities. There are a lot of small gestures you could do that could go a long way. Try to think of how you’d want to be treated if you were the officiant of your own wedding and how the wedding went.

So, what about the officiant’s hobbies? Have you actually taken the time to get to know the officiant or found out anything about him? I guarantee he’d appreciate maybe a gift certificate to somewhere he goes or something in cash value that could tie in with some of his hobbies. Does he watch a lot of movies? Give him a free subscription to Netflix for a limited time or something along those lines.

Try making some kind of connection before the wedding and finding out what your officiant likes. Maybe he’ll even have his own suggestions or you could just straight pay him in cash that you’re willing to pay him. No one really hates receiving cash but a lot of officiants do it for free. A lot of people surprisingly don’t even remember their officiant or remember to appreciate their gesture. They’re often overlooked and it’s a thankless job. It takes someone who’s very strong willed to do it and someone who doesn’t care if they go appreciated or not.

The next thing you want to ask yourself is how much trouble the officiant went through just to get to you. Did they have to travel a long distance and over some rough terrain to get there? Did they have to drive hundreds of miles just to officiate you? If that’s the case, you could at least reimburse the gas. Remember, most officiants will never ask for anything out of kindness but this is something you need to take instinct on and do for them, even if they never mention a word about it. You’d more than likely want someone to do the same for you if you did a big favor for them, right? So why not do it for them and make their day a little bit better before their long drive hom?

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Creative Wedding Ideas – Make Your Day Stand Out

Wedding planning can either be a joy or an absolute nightmare and it really depends on what type of person you are, how much support you will get from family and friends, your budget and probably above all, how much time you have.

The best way to plan a wedding is to allow yourself as much time as possible before the big day. Not days or weeks or even months but preferably a year or two. You will be surprised how fast the time will fly and suddenly the big day will be looming up only a few weeks to go and unless you have planned everything down to the last detail you will undoubtedly start to panic which in turn will cause you to stress and become ratty with everyone.

Allowing plenty of time before your wedding will allow you time to dream up some wonderful and creative wedding ideas which will have your guest talking and remembering your wedding for years after.

Creative wedding ideas do not need to be expensive and it is normally the tiny details such as having personalized balloons or maybe giving everyone a lottery ticket instead of or as part of the wedding favors. Having unique and creative wedding ideas does not mean you have to break your budget it just means you can come up with ideas, themes or events that will reflect the personalities of the bride and groom.

Weddings are of course steeped in tradition from cutting the wedding cake to throwing the bouquet but sometimes if a wedding is too rehearsed and too traditional then however, flashy or expensive it may be it will not leave a lasting memory with your guests and could even become dull especially if it is the umpteenth wedding they have attended that year.

So make sure you come up with some creative wedding ideas to spice things up a bit and leave a lasting impression with your guests. Depending on what type of people you are you could always base your wedding ideas around your hobbies and interests?
For instance, if you are both sporty people you could get married in your favorite teams shirts or colors and have all your guests where football shirts.

Alternatively, if you are music lovers and say rock and roll is your bag your wedding ideas could take on a fifties theme with bright pinks and blues and over the top glittery decorations. Maybe your creative wedding ideas could have a disco theme leading to some big hairdos, platform shoes, flashing lights complete with mirrored disco ball.

Whatever creative wedding ideas you dream up the main point of the day is a celebration of two people getting married so make sure you have fun at the ceremony and enjoy it

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