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Creative Wedding Ideas – Make Your Day Stand Out

Wedding planning can either be a joy or an absolute nightmare and it really depends on what type of person you are, how much support you will get from family and friends, your budget and probably above all, how much time you have.

The best way to plan a wedding is to allow yourself as much time as possible before the big day. Not days or weeks or even months but preferably a year or two. You will be surprised how fast the time will fly and suddenly the big day will be looming up only a few weeks to go and unless you have planned everything down to the last detail you will undoubtedly start to panic which in turn will cause you to stress and become ratty with everyone.

Allowing plenty of time before your wedding will allow you time to dream up some wonderful and creative wedding ideas which will have your guest talking and remembering your wedding for years after.

Creative wedding ideas do not need to be expensive and it is normally the tiny details such as having personalized balloons or maybe giving everyone a lottery ticket instead of or as part of the wedding favors. Having unique and creative wedding ideas does not mean you have to break your budget it just means you can come up with ideas, themes or events that will reflect the personalities of the bride and groom.

Weddings are of course steeped in tradition from cutting the wedding cake to throwing the bouquet but sometimes if a wedding is too rehearsed and too traditional then however, flashy or expensive it may be it will not leave a lasting memory with your guests and could even become dull especially if it is the umpteenth wedding they have attended that year.

So make sure you come up with some creative wedding ideas to spice things up a bit and leave a lasting impression with your guests. Depending on what type of people you are you could always base your wedding ideas around your hobbies and interests?
For instance, if you are both sporty people you could get married in your favorite teams shirts or colors and have all your guests where football shirts.

Alternatively, if you are music lovers and say rock and roll is your bag your wedding ideas could take on a fifties theme with bright pinks and blues and over the top glittery decorations. Maybe your creative wedding ideas could have a disco theme leading to some big hairdos, platform shoes, flashing lights complete with mirrored disco ball.

Whatever creative wedding ideas you dream up the main point of the day is a celebration of two people getting married so make sure you have fun at the ceremony and enjoy it

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