Should You Give Your Wedding Officiant A Gift?

wedding officiant gift

This is a touchy subject and an awkward one at that. A lot of people often wonder if giving their officiant a gift or some kind of tip is worth it or customary. Tipping in general whether it’s with gifts or money is an awkward subject for most people. Now, when it comes to the officiant of the wedding, he’s one of the most important people of the wedding and the least thought of person. Why is he so important? Without the officiant, you actually can’t be legally married. Check out for more information

Well, let’s say you can’t afford to get them a gift or any kind of money but there is another way you could show your gratitude for their services. Ask them if they’d like to join you in the rehearsal and the post-wedding ceremony celebration. They’ll be grateful that you invited them and openly thank them on the mic in front of everyone. This could create more business for them and give them more portfolio opportunities. There are a lot of small gestures you could do that could go a long way. Try to think of how you’d want to be treated if you were the officiant of your own wedding and how the wedding went.

So, what about the officiant’s hobbies? Have you actually taken the time to get to know the officiant or found out anything about him? I guarantee he’d appreciate maybe a gift certificate to somewhere he goes or something in cash value that could tie in with some of his hobbies. Does he watch a lot of movies? Give him a free subscription to Netflix for a limited time or something along those lines.

Try making some kind of connection before the wedding and finding out what your officiant likes. Maybe he’ll even have his own suggestions or you could just straight pay him in cash that you’re willing to pay him. No one really hates receiving cash but a lot of officiants do it for free. A lot of people surprisingly don’t even remember their officiant or remember to appreciate their gesture. They’re often overlooked and it’s a thankless job. It takes someone who’s very strong willed to do it and someone who doesn’t care if they go appreciated or not.

The next thing you want to ask yourself is how much trouble the officiant went through just to get to you. Did they have to travel a long distance and over some rough terrain to get there? Did they have to drive hundreds of miles just to officiate you? If that’s the case, you could at least reimburse the gas. Remember, most officiants will never ask for anything out of kindness but this is something you need to take instinct on and do for them, even if they never mention a word about it. You’d more than likely want someone to do the same for you if you did a big favor for them, right? So why not do it for them and make their day a little bit better before their long drive hom?