Tips For Hosting A Beach Wedding

beach wedding

Weddings are traditionally done inside in a cold room with a lot of people you’ve never seen before or didn’t care to see again. Let’s face it, seeing your family is the last thing you really want to do. We see them enough for the holidays and that’s it but when you’re at a wedding, you have to suck it up and just go with it since it’s not your day, it’s for someone else. Remember, you’re keeping your composure and niceness for someone else, not yourself.

Now, there are those traditional weddings but what about the beach weddings? If you’ve never considered one, you might want to. Let’s take a look at a place like the beach vs the traditional church setting.


  • Cold and damp
  • Depressing for most people to go to
  • A lot of people hate getting dressed up formally to go to them
  • Uncomfortable seating
  • Far too traditional


  • Fun and exciting
  • A more casual dress code can be used
  • Warm and slightly humid
  • Fun games can be done on the beach

The overall benefits of a beach wedding over the indoor weddings are overwhelming but how do you host them? If you’ve never even considered doing one, then you’ll probably know even less about hosting them.

The first tip you’ll need to deal with are the pests. Now, there’s ideally a couple of ways to deal with this but you’ll need to plan in advance. You might want to light some incense torches on the beach that scare away any large flying insects or mosquitos, especially if you have elderly or very young guests. Mosquitos can be deadly to them and it’s important that you make sure you cover your bases with them. The other thing you could do is provide some spray or rub to all of your guests and tell them to use it as their discretion or get eaten alive.

Then you have the uninvited guests that could potentially show up. I mean, this is a beach after all. I know you’ve probably seen the movie the wedding crasher and thought that could happen easily, right? Wrong. Do you know how hard it would be to actually slip into a room full of people that know each other and actually blend in without being noticed, especially the bride and planner who did all the planning. It’s more often than not, someone is going to notice that there’s an uninvited guest.

Then there’s the last and most concerning issue on the beach, Mother Nature. She can be violent at times and unforgiving. This is why the weather definitely needs to be looked at in advance and while it’s hard to plan the weather out months in advance, you can definitely pick a proper beach, one that isn’t prone to a lot of rainfall or hurricanes. If it does rain, make sure to provide some umbrellas or proper gear so your guests don’t get soaked.