Wedding Tips For The Budget Wedding

budget wedding tips

So, you’re having a wedding but you’re not doing it on a very high budget. This is frustrating and an understandable one at that. It can be highly frustrating to plan your big day when you’re on a budget that almost makes it feel like a small day. Not only that but what do you do about the honeymoon? Do you go on a low budget trip to some 3 star hotel or do you spend all the money you have and suck it up for the 5 star experience?

There are some tips and lifesaving experiences out there that can actually help you save a lot of money on not only the wedding but the honeymoon so you can experience a romantic getaway for a romantic price as well. It’s easy to get caught up during the planning phase when you’re doing all of the preparation for the most important part, the wedding that your honeymoon is going to cost a significant amount of money as well.

First, there’s some tips that’ll help you save some money even before the wedding begins. For example, don’t order a starter course for all your guests, get a canape instead. Then there’s the dessert. Do you know how much desert costs for all of those guests? Instead of doing dessert, just have them eat the wedding cake. It’s just as delicious and you’ll save a fortune in the long run.

What some people who got married figured out was that at some events, people are so full by the time they finally get to the cake that they didn’t have any more room to eat cake. Next on the food matter are the sit down servings. These can be very costly and very expensive. The problem with this are the servings can add up rather quickly and you’re definitely going to notice this on your bill. Instead of doing some sit down servings, what you’re going to opt in for is the buffet.

Believe me when I say there’s a reason restaurants prefer to do the all you can eat buffets because they save a lot of money. They cost you a lot less money in the long run and people can choose whatever they want to eat. It gives the illusion of more choices all while not draining your wallet at the same time. Also, while at the buffet, people will be able to mingle about and talk to other guests.

Next, there’s the touchy subject of alcohol. Now hear me out before you go crazy on me but do you know how much alcohol costs? Do you think bars charge $7 per shot because they’re greedy? No, it’s because liquor licenses are expensive and so are the bottles. People are constantly dropping drinks, demanding new free drinks, etc. Now, we all know dry weddings aren’t fun but it could save you a lot of money considerably.

Lastly, there’s the wedding invitation. You don’t have to do some overdone invitation, it can be relatively simple and to the point.